Search engine advertising Strategies for better sales (part 2)

In the previous topic, we have seen some important things on search engine advertising. This page is a continuation of the previous topic if you are not read it then go to the part 1 version of this content.

Now you have a website and contents, but you don’t hurry things before starting your campaigns you must perform a competitor analysis. Even if your site is good, there is no guarantee that your product is going to sell because someone may find a better site than yours. So, it is essential to analyze your competitors. Check their websites what they are doing why they are getting more traffic than you.

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Any idea that you come up with these is essential for your business. You competitors are the key to improve your business. Always study your competitors. Do you Amazon is the top e-commerce website in the world, but they are constantly improving and upgrading their site for better user experience. What about us? Learn your competitors and try something better than them.

Improvising the web page

Always try to add interesting images to your content. Images make your content more appealing and if you have a chance then add royalty free images. Visuals make your contents interesting. Visitors or any humans usually hate plain boring text.

Colorful and cool images are the best for catching the eyes of your audience If you are not using royalty free images then be careful there is a chance that your site may end up in copyright issues. Use at least two images in each content and for SEO use meta description and alt text for your images because search engine crawl bots only crawl documents not your pictures. So keep this in mind.

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If you have a website for e-commerce or business, try to include many pages as possible don’t overdo it. Add pages that are related to your product or explain your product. Add some pages such as FAQ, Support, inquiry, feedback, etc. Add contact information on the web pages.

If you have luck, you may get a call by a reseller who is interested in your product and have a large number of clients. This will take your business to a whole new level. If you are a manufacturer then include your contact information and map is a must.

Add about page and story page for your site. It is good to display your story and your experience in your web pages because it builds trust to the customers. You can even add your team’s photo in the about page for better engagement with your audience.

Gifts to your valuable customers

If you started to get visitors on your site, then try to convert them into your fans by providing them gifts or giving them monthly giveaways and sending them coupons for your product. Coupons are the best ways to increase your fans because everyone loves coupons and discounts so change their weakness into your strength.

When you give something to your visitors. You can change them into your loyal customers. Simple selling a good quality product is not enough in this competitive world. If you want to stay on
the top then you need to think differently than others.

Promoting offers

Add some limited time sales on your site. Because it psychologically temps your visitors to buy the product later. Give them some promotional offers. After you do all this create an account for Adsense or any other marketing campaigns. Because of all the efforts you do. There is a high chance that your site’s quality score will increase.

Now create an Adsense account and ask yourself who your target audience is? What are they looking for? Does your site provide them what they need? These three questions need to be answered by yourself before starting your advertising campaigns. In Adsense account, you need to select the regions to display your advertisement. Choose to a targeted or specific location rather than the whole country.

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You get more out of this process by targeting specific words and places. Next, choose the keywords that only describe what your website and content is about. For example, if your keyword is “best pizza shop” then There is a high chance that many people leave the site immediately and this makes you lose your money.

So, be more specific like “best cheese pizza in Delaware” learn about negative keywords and how to add them in your search engine advertising. Use long tail keywords to get more conversions. Experience is the best teacher. Success takes time. So be patient and wait for your time to shine.

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