Local SEO checklist to improve your sites local visibility

After building a site for your brand, the first thing you should do is the Local SEO, but for a newbie, it is tough. Because of this, we created local SEO checklist. Search engines are the key source for branding your product or a website. Each hour hundreds of brands and thousands of websites are created, and millions of contents are published every day on the internet due to the over population of the websites on the internet.

The new websites or brands that enter the market is struggling due to the higher competition and this competition is increasing gradually. The following is the Local SEO checklist that you need to keep in mind.

Local SEO checklist

1. When you decide to take your business online, the essential thing that you need is the website. Now you have a question what importance does a website have for local SEO. Yes, your coding and site speed is the priority that you should take care for search engine optimation because improper or poor coding causes the site to load slowly which in turn decrease your rankings and spoil all of your efforts. So hire a good web developer or buy a premium theme.

Micro details to look in Loca SEO checklist

Business page creation

2.In our Local SEO checklist, the next thing is the business page. Creating a business page in google is essential for increasing online presence, and It gives the ability to find you by your previous clients or attracting new ones.

3. The third one is the easiest in our Local SEO checklist, Creating a social media pages. Nowadays everyone has a social page to connect and to share their information with others. It also applies to the websites and business. Create a social page for your site and connect them. There are a wide variety of social media pages available like facebook, twitter, Google plus, etc.. Choose and share useful content.

Company details

4. For local SEO create a service page that shows your address, email ID, and phone number. It is important to keep in mind that the core concept of online business is to change the visitors into conversions. Conversion decides the success of your business, not your site’s traffic.

5. Add your business listing to the google places. It acts as a framework for a Local SEO. Please note that if your content is indexed and ranked changing it may cause many difficulties. To overcome this take your time and post your content in citations without error or mistakes. Millions of people already using google place for business. Don’t wait for start one now.

Simple ways to dominate Local Search results

6. Next one in our Local SEO checklist is the CDN also known as the content delivery network. Using a CDN makes your site fast. It delivers content from your site to the end user at lightning speed using the visitors Ip and provides contents with their servers close to the end user. This makes the search engines identify that our server is close to the user. CDN changes the server location based on the geographic location of the visitor.

7. Next one is the navigation in your website. Navigation menu also plays a huge role in the SEO. Assigning right topic under the right category is essential. Bad site navigation leads to negative search engine optimation. After completing your site make sure to check all the pages to know about your site navigation. Check by yourself or select a group of people and test using them. Most the errors that are not seen by us can be easily solved by making others to check your site.

Maintaining good user experience

8. Search engine concentrates more towards the user experience than the design layouts of the website. Make sure to build your site for the visitors, not for the search engines. Keep this in mind increased visuals and layouts may deviate your viewer’s concentration which in turn affects your conversion rates. Take this weakness into power by using layouts at the right place to attract your audience.

Girl seeing Local SEO checklist

9. Not just the Local SEO every website owner needs to understand this “Content is king.” Useful content always loved by the search engines than some dummy or duplicate contents. You can create content by taking a topic that is already on the web but doesn’t copy the body of the content. Hire someone who is good and creative at writing.

10. The final step in our Local SEO checklist is the local citation. Yes, There are hundreds of websites are already on the internet for local citation. Check them and add your listings. Local SEO is not easy it takes time. So, be patient and try to improve using feedbacks from your users.