Basics of local SEO by local SEO expert (PART 2)

Link for part 1 included below. In the previous, chapter you learn the introduction to local SEO and basics of keyword analysis and search engine optimization. Now you are about to learn in-depth about local SEO.

Choosing your relevant category for Google business for Local SEO

If you need to excel in business using local SEO then choosing the right category is a must. Most people choose the wrong one. Wrong selection of your category will affect your search engine ranking. To know about which category your business is about. Check out the website Blumenthals and find your category.

Local seo basics 2

Seo target

Citation of your business

Citation means listing your business or a website in search engines or yellow page sites. There are plenty of ways for citation. Before starting the citation process. Create an account in the Google business and open a page for your business. Check the business page samples and feed your business details such as address, Phone number, Email ID using the given format correctly and submit your page.

If you have any changes, then change them right away because modification after indexing in search engines is always not a good idea and when submitting or posting your address on other sites make sure that you use the same format as you used in google business. Some of the sites for local citation is yellow pages, Yelp, Yahoo local, merchant circle, BBB, Super pages and there are many country based sites for citations check them too.

Feeding all your details on these sites without mistakes is crucial. Don’t miss any information. Empty information may give your competitors a chance to get your clients. If their quality is good, then your possible customers will become their valuable clients. So, don’t do these kinds of mistakes. Citation plays a huge part in the Local SEO. So proceed carefully with a plan.

metrics needed to rank locally

Next step is to create backlinks. We already have seen about the backlinks and how to get them but getting backlinks from a local site is essential for local SEO. As you see, check your competitor’s link and try to acquire from the same website as them. Be polite when you are requesting to guest post on their site. Don’t act like you are better than him and don’t tell him about how good and talented you are.

This may make the admin angry which in turn make them reject your proposal Show some of your content samples to that site admin or blogger. Check that content thoroughly and make sure there are no grammar mistakes in the content. Provide unique and engaging content. Try to acquire links from high authority sites. Remember quantity doesn’t matter in link building. So go for quality. Getting links from .gov and .edu site is a plus.

Local seo getting local clients

Earn reviews from users

In Local SEO Reviews play a huge role in business visibility. If someone reviews your site in google business and provide the positive review, then your site will probably have a chance to increase in ranking and always reply to the reviews if it is positive or negative.

By following these steps, you can make your business better in search engines.

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